Meals on Wheals of West LA

Village Church of Westwood Lutheran

I’m not suggesting that running a yellow light in LA is a Path to Enlightenment but it certainly opened a new door to me. When I told the judge that paying a traffic ticket was not an option at that time she kindly ruled awarded me with the Community Service option. Although I’m a natural born explorer and always up for long distance adventure rides when it came to pick a volunteer center I went with the closest zip code to mine. And that’s how I landed at Meals on Wheels of West Los Angeles in Brentwood Glen.

Located on the Village Church of Westwood lot, Meals on Wheels of West LA is a non-profit organization that was stablished in 1976 to provide meals to seniors who are unable to prepare meals for themselves. What struck the most about this organozation was the energy among selfless volunteers who worked so hard to prepare, label and place daily supply of meals for each individual in dedicated bags for each route. Although I was not allowed to drive, per court order, I was fortunate to sit next to veteran volunteer drivers and deliver food on three different routs. I saw things and met people that could never imagine in a million years, thanks to my pricy traffic ticket.

My community service was short but it paved a new path to an emotionally-healthier life. When was the last time you gave back to your community without expecting anything in return? I made a promise to myself and the volunteer staff to go back and give more to our community.

To learn more about Meals on Wheels of West LA or to become a volunteer visit

Meals on Wheels West Los Angeles

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