A Victorian Gem in Glendale

Griffith Park to S Pasadena RT

Had a glorious bike ride with a group of veteran cyclists from Griffith Park in Glendale all the way to South Pasadena and back. We rode 32 miles although I did not turn on my cycling app until we arrived at Verdugo Park. The ride around Brookside Golf Club and the Rose Bowl Stadium and through the delightful Arroyo Drive in South Pasadena is exhilarating! It was on our ride back to Griffith Park when the lead cyclist suddenly paused to show us the beautiful Victorian house on the roadside. “It’s called the Doctors House and is one of Glendale’s two remaining Victorian homes,” he explained. “It was built in a different location in late 1800 and was moved to Brand Park and restored in 1980,” he continued. The restored Victorian home operates today as a museum and it’s open to public on certain day(s) and hours. You may read more about it by clicking on the links below.

Glendale Historical Society

A Slice of Glendale History 

DOCTORS HOUSE | Glendale Historical Society

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